Martin, Museums, and Montgomery


Maya Quote

This morning we bid adieu to New Orleans and the color and charm of the French Quarter. Driving east across Lake Ponchartrain and the bayous of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama before turning north toward Montgomery, we were reminded of the vastness of the South. It is a region the size of Europe—and how many different faces of the Southern landscape we have seen over the course of the past week.  Enroute we stopped for some brunch where some of the students had the opportunity to sample the “delicacies” of Waffle House for the first time.

Southern breakfast

We arrived in Montgomery just in time for our appointment at Dexter Church where Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor (at the tender age of 25) from 1954-1960.  The Church serves as both a museum during the week and active place of worship at the weekends.  It is a warm and friendly place, and it is always a delight to visit.  We arrived at the tail end of a rainstorm and were greeted with hugs and welcoming words from the tour guides.

Dexter group


Tomorrow, we will visit the memorial associated with the museum, before heading a little further north to BirminghamEJIam.

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